It’s Monday, again. So soon.

Off to the topic then. Yesterday saw me grabbing quite a few models from a fellow collector who resides in Japan. One of the highlights of the haul is this one.


Needless to introduce the parent car. My first memories of the vicious Carrera are from the NFS Porsche Unleashed, where it was so difficult to maneuver. Subsequently I managed to see a couple in flesh, but still did not get to drive one. Someday, hopefully.

From the Porsche Museum collection.

And the Tomica’s replication is, well, perfect to my eyes.




Hats off, Tomica.

All due credits to Tomica for building a solid little model. Tomica Premiums are hard to fault when it comes to detail, and the Carrera is a masterpiece. The usual nag on how the tires could have been still remains, but that is not the biggest of worries at all. A legend replicated in a legendary fashion.

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