Mondays need motivation. A lot of motivation.

Let the pristine Tomica Premium Skyline bring some. I know, the R34 might be overrated, but it is hard to find fault with this. There is a very soft spot for boxy motors in myself, and the R34 scores big on that, let alone the crazy engine, handling and dynamics altogether.

A little fact digging uncovers that the particular version replicated here, is in fact, a total beast and quite a sight. The car is a celebration of 20 years of tuning by Nismo, and hence only 20 of these were produced. It does not share the same engine for a start, but a more powerful (hand built)2.8 l straight six, which came straight from a racing machine, which spits out 500 bhp.


The replication (as most of you might already have experienced, if not, I highly recommend getting one!) is a class act by TP. Usual strengths of proportional accuracy and exceptional attention to detail stand (the interior is tastefully detailed too!). The only hitch, again, is the wheel. The design itself is a proper tribute to the actual car, but the surfacing once again is a disappointment.


Check out the seats!

It remains highly unlikely that I will ever drive one, let alone own. These little cars offer a good level of consolation.


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome week!