The Torque Truck and the SP4 will be trading wheels. Due to axle length, I just put them where they fit for now.

Still have a bit of paint work to do on the SP4, and the base should be dry enough to paint tomorrow. I’m hoping to have it done for Teutonic Tuesday.



I’m really liking this bug.

I’ll have to do something about the yellow on the wheels

I got a box in the mail from dtg11-owns a supra disguised as a sedan.


Some good stuff. Now I have an unaltered Miata.


I’ve been looking for an Escort.

I painted my pizza delivery van. I’ll be delivering noodles in no time.


Wheel swap & new paint for the Thingy.

I’ll decide when the clear dries if it’ll stay this color. Wheels came from MBX Dune Buggy. That Mig Rig doesn’t look very happy.