Fast and Furious? How about Slow but not Furious? The Nissan Skyline GT-R used by Brian from the Fast and Furious movie was release by Hot Wheels under their Retro Entertainment in 2017. I was keeping my eye on this when I first saw it in Lamley group as I wanted to have this in blue just like the one I got from Greenlight in their 1/43 scale. I never saw it in any of our Walmart or Target so either we never received it or others beat me to it so I finally gave up on it. Then..

this thing pops out of nowhere in Target when I dropped by to see if there were any new restock of the premium Hot Wheels. So as I indicated it may slow in getting here but am not furious during the wait. Some of you may already had this for a while but this is still very much new to me.