Big things with little cars

Update for clarity: Right now I am most interested in getting my hands on the HW Enertainment Fast & Furious Skyline R-34, and the red M2 Machines Datsun Bluebird. Will trade one for one.

Hey everyone! I was lucky enough to find five of the six Mooneyes M2 Machines yesterday, and I snagged them as possible trades. The Chevys are all available, and I might also trade the VW for the right offer. Check out my newly updated wants list here:


 I know that much of my wants list is kind of “pie-in-the-sky”; please don’t take that to mean I’m over-valuing what I have to trade. It just means I’m to a point where I am pretty happy with my collection, and I’m trying to be as specific as possible with what I really want.

Anyway, I do want to see these M2s go to good homes. Let me know if you’re interested in anything. Thanks!

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