A trio of recently freed Barracudas. They may be undersized, but I'm not throwing them back in...

Johnny Lightning '70 Plymouth 'Cuda Pro Stock - 8/10

This one has the best detail of the two JLs with the Maisto parsecs behind the JLs.

Grill/bumper detail is great, with the actual grill "openings" painted black, and even the Plymouth logo beside the driver's-side headlight visible. The hood opens (barely) showing a body-colour engine compartment and a chrome engine with no extra coloured details.

There are nice details on the back; taillights are red, reverse lights are silver and the diffuser under the bumper is body-colour with dual silver exhaust tips.


Door handles are silver, nice black graphics on the sides and on the Pro Stock scoop, and proper Cragar SS wheels with staggered tire sizes, as befits a Pro Stocker.


Johnny Lightning '71 Hemi 'Cuda - 7/10

There are clear details on the grill, headlights, bumper, and on the foglights and license plate under the bumper, but there's no colour to highlight any of the details. The hood also just barely opens on this one showing a raw cast engine compartment and engine with no extra coloured details, with the exception of the black shaker scoop, which, in a nice touch, is actually cast as part of the engine, with a hole in the hood for it to extend through.


Nice rear details here, too, although not quite up to the detail on the Pro Stock, with a black wing and taillight panel with red taillights.

Louvres! Only Boss Mustangs and the Chrysler ponycar twins can pull these off (yes, I'm snubbing you, Camaro!).
Centerline Auto Drag wheels add a nice touch and gill vents on the front fenders are present and accounted for. It's also got that raised street-racer stance.


Maisto Adventure Time Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda - 4/10

As a contrast, here's the JL alongside the Maisto, which is not identified as a '71, but that's what it is.


Not much to say here :). The Maisto was $0.50 (US$ 0.40), and for good reason. It's got fairly good detail in the casting, but everything's painted body-colour, with black windows to save producing an interior.

A very small touch that actually beats the JLs: it has windshield wiper blades molded into the windshield.


The one other thing it beats the JL on is the side graphic. Neither of them are exactly accurate to the shape of the graphic on the actual production car, but the Maisto is closer to real-life.