Hi everyone, it's me - Xin, hitting you guys with another MoPar Monday!

I apologise for the lack of review this week, school assignments got the better of me. But I'm not going to let that stop me from posting MoPar Monday! (Pss, somebody start something for Chevy and Ford!)

Today's instalment we see a red '68 Dodge Dart from the basic '12 Muscle Mania segment. With the 426 HEMI decals on the front fender, I reckon it's going for the Dart GTS look. However I'm not too sure about the details, can someone correct me on this?


2014 basic Hot Wheels also saw the Dodge Dart return, which is done up in metallic grey with aqua flames on the sides. I'm not too fond of that iteration, not surprisingly the one shown here is what I prefer. All Hot Wheels need to do to sell me another Dart is to slap on the iconic bumble-bee stripes on a plain example and I'll buy every colour variation.


Alright, I'm done rambling.
Now it's time for you LaLDers to show off your MoPars!