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Mopar Monday: Take your Vitamin C

The orange on this Dodge Charger is so bright, the blister containing it could not withstand such brilliance and started to take on the same hue of the paint. Now, finally free from its prison, this Spectraflame orange Neo Classics Charger from Hot Wheels gets shine even more without any filters.


Well, there could be another reason for the blister to turn dark and yellow, but being able to see this in the flash put those thoughts away. The Neo Classics are exclusive pieces that are first sold through the Hot Wheels Collectors online store, being someone away from the continent, getting one from a reseller was the only way.

There’s plenty of that Spectraflame goodness to go around, the R/T black stripe on the rear quarter panel offers a little contrast to offset the brightness. The Charger is nicely represented in this series, and I’m glad to have it in the collection. Thanks for a looking!


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