Big things with little cars

The other day, Jason (aka The Bell King) RAOK’d me with yet another Mopar fix. This one is extra special.


It’s the Green Machine version of the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat! More specifically, the Greenie of the red colorway shown above. Insert all the superlatives out there that have to do with something being “rare” or “limited”. Of the four Charger variants in the first photo, Jason is single handedly responsible for three of them. You guys know me as a JDM-first, Euro-second kind of collector, but there’s nothing that gets between me and some 1/64 Mopar. And I can’t thank him enough for always looking out for me.

Seriously. If you count them up, I might actually have more Mopar at this scale than I do Nissans. Maybe one day I’ll get a few of those Carney display cases - fill them to max capacity with my hordes of colorful Chargers, Challengers, and ‘Cudas - and show you.


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