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Mopar or No Car. Just Dodge Intrepids Though...

Hi. Morning LaLD community. Been another sleepless night. I have some 2003 Bill Elliott Dodge Intrepids. I have a clear one and the regular one. The clear one has a story to it. As you can see. There is a chip on the spoiler and front bumper. Kind of like the ear of one of those dirty kibbutz stray cats that rub up against your leg while you’re least expecting it. It was my 12h birthday. A very hard birthday indeed. I waiting in a hospital bed at 5:30 a.m. about to undergo the second of the third of my orthopedic leg correction surgeries. Basically “stock” my legs were twisted and had to have serious modification and an alignment to walk period. My parents gave me one of my presents and I dropped it right out of the box because I was so nervous. So now I have a broken birthday present and am minutes away from going under the knife. Worst. Birthday. Ever. However, the whole thing is a blessing now and I cant imagine my life without the surgeries. Fast forward to this year, I saw the box for the clear car and thought I really need to find one thats in mint condition because I’m painfully obsessive. I found the regular one, brand new for retail price and couldn’t have been happier.


The clear one has more details for some reason, maybe to give the collector an accurate view of everything. My phone unfortunately could not pick up the details. Thanks for taking a look at my story, or at least the pictures because lets be honest, the pictures are the best part of any story. Happy early holidays and diecast hunting everyone.



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