Big things with little cars

So, T-Hunted has more pics of some 2019 A Case models, this time on short cards. I’ve noticed some interesting things:

First, the Tesla Roadster is back, with a special card that says ‘1st Car To Orbit The Sun’. The packaging reminds me of the Leap Year Chevelle from a couple years back, maybe it’s a sort of special chase model?


Next, the Super Chromes series is back, and with only 5 models this year, compared to the usual 10, including what may be the first ever licensed casting in the segment, the Custom ‘77 Dodge Van. This might be a Super Chromes model that will actually be desirable.

Video Game theme HWs are back again, with the new 5 car HW Game Over series, led off by one of my favorite HW original models, the Rip Rod (which showed up in Forza Horizon 3's HW expansion). Could a new HW game be coming, even if it’s like a mobile title?


The Space theme continues with two models from a new HW Space series of 5, Rocketfire (which is also in the logo for the series) and this pretty slick looking Dune-A-Soar.


The basic version of the A Case Super, the ‘90 Civic EF shows up, along with another sighting of the Bazoomka regular TH.

These images are courtesy of Brasil’s Escala Miniaturas, a T-Hunted partner.

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