Big things with little cars

I just can’t put this stuff down. I’m addicted. So I apologize if you’re getting bored of these experiments. #sorrynotsorry Anyways, for this batch I went back to using black cars. And I tried playing around with taping areas off as well. On the Datsun you’ll see I taped off the roof. And for the Camaro, I taped off the center stripe.

So, first car up is the Tesla Model X. The color used her was Purple Fog. I did a wheel swap and interior swap on this one as well. No taping though. Originally, the car came with a white interior and chrome 10SP wheels. I swapped the interior to the gray, and wheels to black OH5s with the red chrome ring. The wheels definitely match the car better.


Next up is the Datsun Fairlady 2000. The classic Japanese roadster. I taped off the roof to keep it black and give it that roadster look. The paint for this one is Blue Galaxy. I left the stock wheels on here since the chrome red just looks so good. The only minor details I added were making the front mount oil cooler and the side-exit exhaust chrome.

The last one I think might be my favorite. The is the Hot Wheels Edition 5th gen Camaro. The original black and gold looked really good stock, but I knew I could make it even better. The strip in the middle was just too good to paint over, so I decided to try more tape work. I spent at least 30 minutes cutting/tearing pieces of painters tape to get the shape just right and cover the stripe. The end result is, in my opinion, absolutely killer. The color used was Green Copper, which looks so good with the gold striping/wheels/window tint. I just painted it last night and it’s already boxed up and about to get sent off to a new home, lol.


So there you have it. Might Tuesday night in the garage condensed into one LaLD post, lol. Let me know what you think so far, what your favorite(s) is/are, and if you have any suggestions of other cars you think I should try. Thanks for looking!

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