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More Detailing Adventures

Got to spend most of today hunting, drilling, and painting. Hunt-wise, I turned up a few mainlines just for kicks, and the Fast and Furious Mustang, which I wasn’t going to chase but hey, nice to find in the store.

Here’s the work I did:

First, I thought my red R30 needed a little freshening up. Also, Doug basically threatened to unfriend me if I didn’t. So with wheels I got from him in hand, here’s what I came up with:


All pretty subtle. I took this guy’s video as inspiration. He does good work and his Delaware Valley accent just kills me. Here’s what I did:

  • Drilled
  • Replaced wheels with gold real-riders from Doug
  • Painted both the body and window spoilers black
  • Painted silver behind the headlights to make them less dead
  • Finished the chrome A-pillars so they go all the way around
  • Filled the rear headlights with grey Gundam marker to get that tinted plastic effect.
  • Tapped the exhaust tips with silver

I didn’t do what the YouTuber did and paint the wheel wells. I had a feeling I’d make a mess of it and I like seeing the fenders flare out. I also didn’t do the grille area red, because this is not that model, and I doubted my red pen would match.

Next is a car that I wasn’t even that into, but on a whim I decided to premium it up.

  • Drilled
  • Swapped in bronze Monoblocks with glass bead knockoff hubs
  • Filled in grille and three intake holes black
  • Silvered in the headlights
  • Silvered in the rally lights
  • Painted the seats tan
  • Gave the tail lights a silver base, then tapped in orange and red
  • Silvered in the trunk latches

I’m honestly not even sure why I bothered with this one but I like how it came out.


The next one wasn’t as much of a success, but it’s still a thing.


I’ve been monkeying with this one for a while. Way early in my modding days, I colored in the mouth and did the tail lights. Later on, I used panel liner to give it some circuit dirt. Today I finally: 

  • Drilled it 
  • Colored in black under the headlights
  • Painted the seats tan, because this is a thing with me now
  • Did a bad job of drawing white underneath for bulbs
  • Painted the upper fan gold using an absolute garbage paint pen that I just opened and is going right in the trash.

I have two other 917 LHs so if I really hate it I can swap in the glass from one of them. But I think I’ll leave it.

And I’ll leave you all with this last photo, entitled: “I Am An Adult”

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