Big things with little cars

This is my last ebay Kyosho hawl for a while. I gotta save for the Hot Wheels TRU event next month.

This Ferrari 575M Maranello is a Dydo casting from Kyosho Minicar Collection II in 2005. The dash needs to be installed instead of the seats and the wheels are put on the tires instead of the opposite. I love the 550/575 series.


It’s hard to keep the car in place since there is no screw, just these two pegs.

This is my favorite. The Ferrari 360 Soyder from Ferrari Minicar Collection V in 2007.


They even painted the engine! :D


The 458 is from the Ferrari Minicar Collection 9 Neo in 2014. I guess people liked 9 so much they did it again? The car looks more purpley in person.


Last we have the McLaren 650S from their lottery series thing. I love this deep blue hue.

That’s all for now!

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