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Thursday, all over the place. Bonus points for African elephant bush. HW’s don’t just grow on trees, y’know. Especially...


I had to buy the 5-pack to get my second F1, but it was mostly worth it. Tampoes look good from this angle, and I do love the metal spoiler, but I so wanna make one of these like the xp8 mclaren used for press shots. That green was so...British. Cool thing about the cast is the engine detail under the half windows.

The rest of the 5-pack ranges from mediocre (sesto elemento in gold, Aston in meh), to great (the aformentioned F1, the jag xj220 in green with the logo on the side), to pure whatever (the r.s.01). That renault’s initial colorway was brilliant, and now it looks like a super soaker.

I got a stars and stripes ‘69 vette,


too, which I love. Being a corvette guy, it’s hard to find mainline kind of stuff that isn’t the latest c7. I’m pretty sure c5's are the least occupied niche in my collection. I need that damn then and now c1.

And, I have pictures. But, kinja.

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