Big things with little cars

This has been a killer week or two. I’ve had a dry spell for a while, and now a crazy lucky streak. Yesterday on my lunch break, I happened to walk into Walmart right as they were opening up a new dump bin. That meant 10 untouched cases for me to get first crack at. So I managed to snag two more ‘92 Mustang Supers (which brings me up to four total)!

As if that weren’t enough, this came in the mail from an in-state collector who was thinning his herd. I got it for a good deal since the card isnt perfect. But that’s fine by me since I’m gonna open it anyways.


Oh, and then there was some Volkwagen that showed up with a weird bearded British dude.

To round out the week, I also found most of the Fast and Furious set at Aldi. No S14, but that's ok. The Eclipse was the one I wanted most.


Id say this has been a pretty awesome week. But this doesnt even top it. I bought a house too... That’s a story for a later post though, and on Oppo, not LaLD, lol. Now that I’ve used up my entire years worth of luck in one week, it’s back to finding nothing. But I’m ok with that, lol.

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