Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Somehow managed to find some MBX this morning! Some for keeps, some for friends, some for trades.

I had a carded gold Chevelle wagon for a few years before ripping it open recently, and only then realizing how great this guy is. I recently de-tampo’d the new release green one, swapped the wheels, and it is a whole new animal. It really changes the look. Had to snag this yellow one, because +surfboard. It’s great that this casting is so plentiful, and flies under the radar with all of the hit-with-ugly-stick tampos.


Really digging the crispness of the new Leaf, having checked out a 1:1 in-depth recently. And a +1 for being the defacto JDM color combo.

The Panamera are wheel donors unless someone really wants to trade on them, with or without wheels.

Passed on the Scania fire truck this morning. I would not have thought it, but it was somehow underwhelming seeing in person. Oh well, maybe I will have to pay a premium on the ‘bay tomorrow.

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