If you’ve ever read my full screenname, you’ll know I’m a big Nissan guy. So when M2 announced their Auto-Japan series, obviously I go excited. I don’t normally collect M2, so this was a nice way to add some to my collection.

I’ve been watching BrickSeek like a hawk for the last two weeks waiting for a store to re-stock. Tuesday I got my first hit. It was a store within driving distance of my office, so I headed out on my lunch break. Turns out though that they weren’t putting any new stock out until the do a department re-organization this weekend. So close, yet so far... Back to watching BrickSeek.

Yesterday, I got another hit: the store closest to my office! I hurried over on my lunch break, but again, no immediate luck. The truck hadn’t been unloaded yet, so nothing would be out until the following day (today). I got up early this morning and headed to the store on my way in to the office and found two completely untouched sets, tissue paper and all, sitting right there on the shelf for me. I hurried over and started going through both, hoping to find the 240Z chase I desperately want. No luck. That’s pretty typical for me though. I find fresh, unopened or untouched cases, but they have no chase included. Still, I happily got my full set and headed out.

Still having a good bit of time before needing to be in the office, I decided to go check out the other Wal-Mart, just to see what they HW situation was (the only store I ever seem to find ZAMACs in). I get there and see the dump bin has been freshly refilled and managed to get two ZAMAC 510 Wagons! I head over to diecast aisle and immediately notice an open M2 shipping box, and it has a C on the front... My heart starts racing. They got a set with the 240Z chase!!! I rush down to where the M2 stuff is...


I was too late. Apparently they decided to go ahead and put out the case anyway, instead of waiting until after the reorganization. So someone beat me to the chase. And this was the out-of-the way, less traveled store I was expecting to have an easy shot at. I guess I was wrong, lol. So the hunt continues for the chase Z. At least I got a few consolation prizes:


Happy Friday and happy hunting everyone!

- Oh, and if you happen across a 240Z chase that you’d be willing to trade, I’d be happy to offer up some Supers or Green Machines in exchange!