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Motor Show Monday

One of the more interesting pieces I picked up in Japan, this is a Tomica Toyota Celsior that was a promo for the Osaka Motor show back in...well...I don’t really know which year!

These Tomica wheels are widely panned, but I’ve always had a soft spot for them. Don’t get me wrong, I under why they’re so disliked. I just like them for reasons no one will ever know. It helps in this case that the black with a gold chrome rim really goes well with the two-tone white and silver paint.


If you search for Tomica Osaka Motor Show pieces, several come up, but I haven’t been able to find any other pictures of this one.

And yes, those doors open. It also has the typical Tomica suspension. This is pretty much exactly like one of the basic line models, but with the Osaka Motor Show branding stamped on throughout.


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