IT’S GREASED LIGHTNING! More specifically what I would like to call the “dream car” in grease.

This model comes to us courtesy of the hotwheels retro entertainment line. And is a pretty accurate representation of the modified Ford De Luxe.

I watched grease at a very young age and if there was anything I remembered from the movie, it was this version of greased lightning. Then again, who could forget when you have a young John Travolta, singing about a custom car.


Being part of the retro entertainment line, the car comes equipped with a full metal body and base as well as a set of real riders, and I can see what all the hype was about. You get a real premium feel from the piece overall. Everything from the clear hood to the number plate is done up in great detail.

But at the end of the day, this version of greased lightning is just a dream and the real car after repair looks nothing like it, but what a dream to aspire towards... What a dream...