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Movie Car Monday: The Rookie

So last week I showed off a portion of my movie and TV car display and asked what I should start off with. So on this week’s movie car Monday, we have the new kid on the block, Lightning McQueen

This particular version of McQueen was brought to us by the folks at tomica who have made a pretty extensive line of models dedicated to the movie Cars. This is Lightning McQueen as he first appeared in the first movie, complete with Stickers for headlights.


Speaking of stickers, he certainly does live up to that nickname. Well technically they’re tampos, not stickers, but you get my point. Tomica certainly all out with the decal work on these models


Even covering all 4 tyres with “lightyear” decals and painted decals, you can tell tomica certainly put some work into this.


Speaking of the wheels, I should probably mentioned this model probably has one of the best suspensions on a tomica model I’ve seen yet. It certainly has the most give of any suspension I’ve ever seen on a model of this size and I can see what tomica is going for with this. Given how the cars in the movie use their wheels kinda like legs in some cases, the extra springy suspension was probably included to give them a little “articulation” like on an action figure and it definitely worked, I know I can’t stop fiddling with it for starters.


Having mentioned all that, there’s still one thing I ought to address the price. The tomica cars models go for around the price of a dream tomica model. However, when you compare them to the Mattel models, the Mattel’s go for about 1.5 times the price of tomica’s at least where I live. Granted Mattel’s models are in the larger 1:55 scale range, I’d say tomica has a pretty good substitute on hand.

Only gripe is that McQueen looks a little too docile. He doesn’t quite look like the trash-talking hotshot he was at the start of the movie and given the countless versions of him that manufacturers have made, you’d expect them to have a cocky McQueen on the shelf by now. Oh well, we can certainly dream...

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