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Mullet Monday: K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit Mode

Let me be honest here - I was never a fan of that TV show or the Hoff himself. And when I bought this model from the Hot Wheels Hollywood series, I didn’t know why it looked so weird. But I educated myself via YouTube and can now reveal that when the Hoff presses a green button, all sorts of weird things sprout from the car. And then it moves as if they fast forward the film...


And being black and having all sorts of weird irregular shapes, this was probably the toughest car model to take pics of. Seriously, I think I took over 70 before I got a few decent ones. In most shots, it just looked like a space craft after an insurance write off.

But I’m sort of glad I got it - it’s just too gloriously weird to pass up. But really, the regular HWs K.I.T.T.. without all the Super Pursuit bits looks much nicer!


Though the Hollywood Series one does have a far better interior, plus the rubber tyres and all that:


And if you, like me, never felt that “Knight Rider” was worth watching, and have no idea how K.I.T.T morphs into Super Pursuit Mode, here’s the answer. And note how it is always activated under a blue sky - even if the car is in a garage... Though they did invest in a night shot at least.

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