Multipack Repacks

Came across about 10 clearly repackaged HW 9 packs at a Walmart this weekend. These weren’t quite the normal repacked returns, however. Typically when these are spotted the one or two good things are removed, and some random crap thrown in…maybe HWs, maybe beat up Maistos, maybe some other garbage, sometimes the variety is interesting to see (as well as pathetic). Most of us have come across these, I know I certainly have.

These were not the typical ones. Someone took these 9 packs, took out whatever was inside, and put in good stuff…of all HW varieties. I saw some with Cool Classics/Redline cars, some HTF castings (including a AMG Mercedes CLK DTM First Edition…should have grabbed that one) and all sorts of other goodies, mostly from the 2006-2012 era. I of course grabbed this one, with the bronze Datsun 510. The packages of all looked untampered with, whoever repacked them did a good job with that…but I can’t understand why they took out whatever new crap was in there and packed all good older stuff in them. I wanted to grab more but I’m trying to show restraint lately with diecast purchases (and the girlie was looking at me funny for being excited about them). An employee, an older gentlemen, came by while was going through, and mentioned he was a collector too, he had noticed the repacks as well, and seemed amused….perhaps it was him? They were all clearly new 9 packs based on the packaging and the exclusives left in most of them (like the yellow cougar here).


The Datsun and the 430 are the obvious scores in this one. I may still go back and pick up more, but they’re probably gone by now. 

So whoever the unknown robin hood repack stranger is, my…thanks?

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