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Multiple Mail Call Monday

Got a few packages over the past week, including an unexpected box marked “LaLD” that came from Ohio with no name on it. Hmm...

I’m pretty sure this was from my super secret


Pretty neat mix in there. I’ve been looking for the white EF and it took me until recently to finally find my first in the wild and now I have another color too. Also got my first diecast van. The VWs have now become the second VW casting I own. The Tomica is interesting with a hamburger in the back. And the Indycar is a good open wheeler casting even though I don’t know anything about Indycar. I wasn’t asking for much besides something that really shows the giver’s personal style and interests but it came without any sort of note or back story and I can’t quite figure out who this is...

Next was this package from vdubyajohn.

Thanks, I really needed these cards for Kmart! I’m surprised it wasn’t all VW cards! Also got this HW CD for Windows 95. After looking up where it came from, I can totally see why he had this lol!

Also got this random HWEP from boss man sn210 for a “surprise me” package.


I was confused because he originally told me he’d be sending me loose stuff. Turns out it really was loose. Boss man just really knows how to open up his cards!


That’s just genius!

And then this package from TBK. After reviving talks of getting some JDM extras off his hands at LaLD Cares prices, we ended up working out a HWEP instead.


The JH2s finally complete my carded set and now I’m almost there with the C&D (just missing the Alfa which I didn’t like that much when I first saw it back when TRU was still around). He also offered up a few more including the Forza S15 which is the first time I’m seeing it in person. Also got a loose 240SX from the JL Import Heat set plus a fancy acrylic case Kyosho R32 that I’m swapping for my blind box R34. I still need to send him my end of the package but the main piece is still sitting in Hong Kong until my dad is able to bring it back on his next trip.


Viva la LaLD!

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