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Murciélago Miércoles: Running of the Bulls 2018

Say, wiggedy wiggedy wig wig, wiggy wiggy wack, the big ol’ revvin’ engines give yo’ grandpa heart attack... Ahem. Anyways.

The Lamborghini Murciélago had a high standard to meet right out of the gate; it’s the successor to the Lamborghini Diablo (and, less famously, Mexico’s Lamborghini Costanga, which was a detuned and renamed Diablo because... well, when you think about it, “the Lamborghini Satan” is a bit of a tough sell. Lamborghini names only sound great when they’re vaguely foreign, because otherwise you’ve got the Lamborghini Holy Crap, the Lamborghini Bat, the Lamborghini Ancient Cow... no wonder they change languages nearly every new release).

The back window looks really good, but it is a slight nuisance to clear dust out of

This one is the classic Murciélago. Not the Roadster or SuperVeloce or any of the redesigns, alternates, or upgrades; the car was first produced in 2001 and the Hot Wheels toy has a copyright for 2002 on its base. I know thatmany years ago, I had to have gotten this shortly after it came out, and I know exactly why it was this particular model, this particular color; it featured prominently in a certain video game I adored at the time.

Gotham billionaire and socialite Bruce Wayne is occasionally seen driving a Murcielago... I wonder if he knows what it means. Probably not

The diecast looks reasonably accurate; there’s some chips and battle scars from years of play and storage in the box of a printer. The lights are on there front and back, the badging is present, the interior’s good... The only real glaring issue that isn’t a standard issue on most of Hot Wheels’ fare is the back wheel arch. It’s definitely prominent on the proper Murciélago, but here, it’s a little more exaggerated and greatly unflattering depending on the angle.

“Dispatch, you got a plate on that suspect?” “Caller reports the plate says ‘Hot Wheels’.” “Oh, that narrows it down”

4,099 (of the 1/1 scale, drivable) Murciélagos were made, so while this isn’t the most exclusive sportscar in the world... it’s definitely not easy on the wallet. I think I’ll stick with my $1 price tag on the 1/64 one.

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