I seem to have broken my truck...

For the first time ever, I’ll be using identical cars for a limo build.

Every other limo I’ve built used cars that were slightly different.

My most common problem has been door thickness’ being just a tiny bit different.

By the time I finished this one I was convinced that the door handles were different sizes.


The Corvettes were the closest to being the same, but still the thickness of the metal was different in spots.

The Lotii were not even close. The Lotus was a massive pain in the butt.


I see no issues with these Raptors.

Seriously this truck is going to be huge.

The 914 is sweet.


I wanted to get construction on the Vette finished before starting this one so,

Now that it’s together I might change the color.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Bonus content


Wolverine lost his wheels fast.

I was looking for these exact wheels for the Bugatti. It’s getting close to paint.