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'Murica Monday: A Maisto Mustang

I only have a handful of 1/18's, so why not just get ‘em all over with.

This, again, is a 1/18 Maisto that I scored at Costco a couple years ago. I was always a fan of the current generation Mustang, so this was one of the newer releases that I sought after at the time. I chose this dark blue over the white (I don’t remember seeing the red one at the time) because when you have budget-quality diecast, you don’t want to see all the flaws as easily.


Overall, it’s a pretty solid model for the price. My favorite aspects are the wheels, and I’m glad they went with this design rather than the other choices for the GT trim. As usual with Maisto, this one has soft-as-Charmin suspension, which I managed to hide in these photos.


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