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'Murica Monday: Maisto Chevrolet Impala Taxi

If various media reports are to be believed, the car pictured above is the modern day equivalent of a dinosaur, driven to extinction by Uber and Lyft and whatever other ride sharing services are out there. But it does make you wonder, will taxis ever go away, or will Uber become so prevalent that it becomes the generic name for taxi?

I mentioned buying models from KB Toys in another post, and that’s exactly where this one came from. The Chicago Merchandise Mart location to be exact. What drew me to it was the fact that it was a Chicago cab. The model is a basic Maisto with opening front doors, hood, and trunk. I can’t say the exterior is accurate to a Chicago cab, as we don’t have a standard look, like you see in NYC. This one is yellow because it happens to be a Yellow cab, but here every cab company runs their own colors. Even within the same company, there will be variations. And that antenna is a leftover from the police car models that share this mold. One thing Maisto did get right is the monochrome all vinyl all the time interior, though I’ve never seen a cab interior is this shade of blue. Or maybe this is what they look like when new?

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