I can’t help but notice that my satin granite paint job looks an awful lot like primer.

I made a little jig to attach the bed straight. I’ll take a pic of the jig when I make the Datsun. I have to build it onto the truck.

I’m really not a fan of this casting. I’d have preferred some headlights on the front.


The truck has nice lines, I just don’t like the grill. (It might get removed)

Right before paint I noticed the bent A pillar. Drivers side


I tried to fix it but a crack appeared so I stopped. A pillars fly off violently at my house.

There was an Iso Grifo in my mailbox last week.


Despite looking like it has insane corrosion around the wheels, I believe it’s just dirty.

It has some white stuff pushed into every body line.


The base is in great shape.

I think it just needs a bath.


The only flaw I see was done at the factory.

Despite being designed by Giugiaro at Bertone the Iso Grifo had an American power plant. (Murican street cred) A big block Chevy 454. 7.5 liters of angry American horsepower. (in the early cars)


And they’re sexy as hell. (image from mycarquest.com)