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Murican Monday DLM

Chrysler Atlantic premiumish by Matchbox.

Recommended by RallyDarkstrike-fanofstuff.


Even though it’s technically based on the Bugatti. I thought it closely resembled a Morgan.

After getting them side by side, I believe it’s closer to another Chrysler concept car.


The Dodge Copperhead. (They really liked snakes at Dodge)


I don’t know. I wish I had a Talbot-Lago to compare it to. Those side windows kinda scream Lago to me.


Btw, if you don't go to Oppositelock often. I hit a very large deer in my Camry Friday night. My insurance company is sending out a guy tomorrow to decide if it's totalled. I'll post an update with my Welly 1:43 Camry tomorrow. 

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