Have a couple birds for your Monday.

I got the wheels for the T bird and added the black roof and tail light. Here’s the original post if you missed it

This is the fourth order of Brightvision wheels. I recommend the brand but don’t get the sampler pack. Those weren’t the greatest, but every time I order 16 medium wheels they’re always nice. (from ebay)


I haven’t fixed the hood yet.


The 62 Chevy I’m building for a friend has a new driver. Earl the eagle. (Eargle)

And last but not least. A bit of Teutonic news. I want to smash this AMG truck with a hammer. I’ve attached the rear 7 times. After an hour or so of sanding the sides just right, it just falls off. I’ll try epoxy then it’s getting the hammer.


That is all.

Thanks for checkin out my stuff