Hi LaLD. I hope your Wal-Farts, Targets and Diecast sellers were lit this weekend. I had gosh awful luck in the beginning. However, i saw that one of the targets was unloading U-boat carts filled with toys. I came back the next morning and they were still not done with hw, but they had what i went there for anyway, including another DuMont Jets Kahne, which I gave to my brother on Saturday. Such a nice scheme, so I grabbed one that i can drool on appropriately.

The 12 is actually something I just dug up. I found it fitting. Its a 2000 Jeremy Mayfield. Now, Here are the last of the black friday hawls that just got here.

The Chrome Tony Stewart and the Clint Bowyer I’ve had for a while. The two Jimmie Johnson Cars are new. The Superman Fontana car was a pain to seek out. There was a really nice seller on ebay that had a reasonable price on it. Its not necessarily rare, but it went quick and there are sellers that want all limbs for it Both of the cars on stands are Action Elite. I will complement this website on upping my diecast finding “skills.” I thank tou for that, here is the last one of the Kasey Kahne Indianapolis win elite cars. I couldnt find one for a while. It was sitting on the bottom of the lionel website. The free shipping thing stood out of course, so here she is.


👍 22wbt22