We were visiting some family this weekend, we decided to take a trip to the rural(ish) Walmart in town. Top Tip: if you must go to Walmart on a weekend, and you're not the churchy type, go Sunday morning while everybody else is in church.

I was hoping to find an Auto World or two, as the most I've ever seen is two each of two different cars, and usually I find one or (more likely) nothing. I about shat myself with excitement when I saw NINE of them on the pegs. As you can see, I got six, and two of those are doubles (HWEP post with these and many more coming soon).

I was most excited to see the blue '69 Firebird, and two of them no less. I also grabbed two of the red '73 Challengers. Not wanting to be "that guy", I left behind an additional black '64 Galaxy and another white '66 Cyclone (the paint on its front left fender was jacked-up). They had one other car there, I can't remember what it was, but it was one that I already had.

I was too excited to even think about digging through the Hot Wheels pegs!