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Muscle Monday: Custom Camaro SS convertible

I haven’t been doing much custom work lately, because the weather has been nice so I’ve been spending my little bit of free time in the garage while it’s warm enough to do that. Last night was chilly, and I’ve been fighting a cold, so I headed into the basement to work on this Camaro that I started several weeks ago.

I’m not really a convertible guy, but I love the look of the 5th gen Camaro and I really dig this paint scheme. The only problem for me was the uggo wheels. These real riders came off everybody’s favorite. The rears are the fronts from a Bubble Gunner and the fronts are the fronts off an Altered Ego. See, they do have a use! The rears dropped right in. The axle is a bit too long, but not enough to bother me. The fronts are another story, they required a ton of filing be done to the base to make them fit (no Dremel for me, since my basement workbench is directly under my sleeping daughter’s bed).


I’m pretty happy with the results.

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