This is a comparison/match between models with certain similarities. I will be listing certain info about the models and the goal is to get opinions from readers as to their preference and why.

On your left is the Greenlight 1968 Dodge Charger from the Hollywood Film Reels Series 3 “Bullitt”.

On your right is the M2 Auto-Drivers R 35 1966 Dodge Charger HEMI from the Frozen Black Pearl series.

2 Chargers, both black, one gloss and one matte. The 1968 Charger sports chrome wheels with white wall tires while the 1966 Charger has gloss black wheels with black wall and white lettering indicating the brand as ‘Good Year’ tires.



The Greenlight has metal chassis and the hood opens to reveal the engine. The M2 has no opening part and the chassis is made of plastic.

Both are equal in length.

A few more profile pictures.