Or rather Custom Charger, since the movie car has decidedly a non-factory shortened nose cone and wing, apparently to placate studio executives. Why a Daytona was considered toy-like and not the cars from the first two movies, the world wonders (OK, it’s actually because people thought they looked good then).

Obviously, this car is from the new Mattel Fast & Furious series. High demand hasn’t stopped me from carefully slicing the plastic blister open and freeing this car.

The paint’s definitely on the thick side, but at least it’s as glossy as the real car is in publicity shots.


The glasshouse is definitely on the thick side as well, as all I can discern about the interior is that it exists. And isn’t the rear windscreen supposed to be flush with the roof?


The wheels are decent approximations of the real car’s (I want deep dishes as well, but you know Mattel’s budget), although with the chrome dialed down some. Right up my alley, that (inadvertent) touch.

I’m still wondering whether to try getting in line for the next batch on Thursday. I like popcorn and soft drinks as much as the next guy (well, actually more. Luckily my frame belies it), but these are certainly a costly extra.


Of course, if there were more clues as to whether these will have a proper release, the insanity might die down some. What say you, LaLD?