This isnt my first die-cast, its not my first Mustang die-cast, but it is a die-cast of my first car. Sometimes, you get a little lucky.

I got a lot lucky when I bought my first car. A friend of my mom’s was a county sheriff and had bought this 71 mustang with a 302 off of a lady in Alabama. He had had it for a couple of years and was ready to move on. It had 70,000 miles on it by the time I got it, and the only changes were an FM converter for the AM/8track radio, glass packs, Cragar wheels (basically Soft 8s with chrome outer and black inner) and Eagle ST tires. In the 80s, the Eagle GTs were the rage but the cops used the STs for better traction on the Fox-body 5.0 Mustangs. It was crap brown and an automatic but I was 15, had the requisite 2 grand, and it was all mine.

My two year old brother didnt like it at first because it was it was so loud, but eventually loved sitting in it. After a wreck and skyrocket insurance rates I couldnt afford and still pay for school, I had to let it go.

Fast forward many years, and I get my weekly email from diecast models wholesale 1 day, and there is a crap brown 71 mustang with the matching interior as a new item. SOLD. How cool is it that your first car is available as a diecast? I mean, any mustang is a good mustang, but 71 was the tank, and plain crap brown one is not one that you would think would make it- yellow Boss 302 sure.

This model is a 1/18 SunStar. It is not a top of the line but I think we’ve covered why it got picked :-). It is a fair representation, this one is supposed to be a Mach1 with a 351, but they do not have any of the markings on it. Inside, its fairly representative. It has little painted seatbelt receptors in the front, but no seatbelt. Funnily, having this one is probably more representative of the build quality in the early 70s than if this had been done by AutoArt or Kyosho.