Last night after work I was bored and after a decent lunch time haul at Target I wanted to revisit sorting out my collection from the prior month with TFritch. This time I think I was a bit more successful and it gave me a better idea of the direction in which I want to go with my collecting. I was able to fit everything on one bed sheet, I counted 362 cars in all, which for only starting to collect since 2011 is fairly restrained (???). I sorted everything out in groupings, everything to the right is non mainline HW and MB. To the lower right is mainline HW prior to 2011 (my biggest gap). Everything from the middle to left is mainline HW from 2011 up, loosely sorted by manufacturer, country, or car type. My wife thought this was hilarious because she's really never seen the entirety of my collecting or me ever doing anything with the random bags of cars I bring home each week. Have fun car spotting!

Now this also gave me an opportunity to revisit my "dup" box, or cars that I'd be more likely to trade rather then anything from my main collection.

First we have my Porsche trades. As always with the yellow 993 GT2, I'm looking for something of equal value such as a HW Garage or Boulevard or anything in a larger card/metalbase/realriders.


Next we have Europeans/Exotics for trade

...and all others for trade.


I'll be working on getting all my loose cars photographed in the next week or so. Let me know what you find interesting!