Big things with little cars

My 1st post , so I thought I would show two of my favourite cars

The Hot wheels Ford Escort F2 kit car and very rare pre production of the never released Ford Escort RS1700T .


This casting is one of my all time favourites and I remember the shock of finding on the pegs in my local toy shop . I seen the real prototype a few years earlier I think , and on the rally stages here in the UK . It is commonly thought of as a cosworth rally car , but actually was designed for the lower series in the WRC in Europe . It was 2litre two wheel drive but with the allowance of aero kit , hence the roof spoiler , and the term kit cars , as manufactors could build low budget rally cars with fancy aerodynamics body parts . Very unusual car for hot wheels to make , and also was the first car mattel graffic designer Michael heradra did.


This is a very rare Matchbox Pre production of the Ford Escort RS1700T . Like the real version it was never put into production , and is the most expensive model I ever bought . This car was my favourite of all the Escorts , I had only seen pictures in books as a kid The real version was canned half way through testing as Ford felt 4x4 was the way forward , and it was too expensive to re engineer so they started work on the RS200 . And I gather that Matchbox took the same view and never produced it , only a few prototypes were produced for the reps to show the dealers . I didn’t know of its existence until I saw it on another message board , so I contacted the person who uploaded the picture and luckily he had more than one , so I managed to come to a deal with him and got hold of my most prized diecast .

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