Big things with little cars

Does anyone remember when Hot Wheels did a series of 1:18 cars back around 1999-2002? There was a Pantera, a TVR, some hot rods, Porsches, Ferraris etc and a ‘69 Charger. They’re not the most detailed by modern standards, but I always kind of liked them because they were big, they were pretty decent models but they still felt Hot Wheels-ish. I especially liked the Charger (I think it was the first 1:18 ‘69 Charger available) and I have it in blue, the green model kit version and this bronze;

Now, thanks to Goodwill, I also have one of the West Coast Customs versions!


Aw yeah, kickin’ it early-2000's style!

The metalflake gold paint looks good (that is water on the hood from my cleaning it).

I do not love the silver vinyl roof.


Those wheels are actually handed - the spokes spin in the same direction on both sides. Quite impressive that Hot Wheels bothered to cast different wheels for each side on what was not a hugely expensive model.


I also do not love the gold/white seats. Especially since the rest of the interior is the same black as the other models and this clashes pretty badly.

The model has a few scratches and scuffs to the roof and the custom rear license plate decal is flaking off. It was also VERY dusty (see rear seat).


I’m thinking of refinishing the interior and vinyl top in tan and switching out the wheels for these;

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