Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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My BMW Hot Wheels Art Project

I started this project about 4-5 years ago with my daughter and it took a long time to get Version 1.0 finished. It turned out to be difficult to collect enough of the same color cars to make it work. I also had an issue with the cheap Michaels double sided tape where it decided not to stick so I developed my new mounting method using high bond double sided tape and 3M Dual-Lock (like stiff plastic Velcro). The original version was shown on the BMW USA Facebook homepage and then about two months later on the Hot Wheels Facebook homepage. Since then I have dramatically changed the cars on it moving from whatever I could find to fit the colors to cars that I liked and I removed all duplicates within each color except for the BMW’s. I bought cars from all over the World on eBay but mostly from the USA. All are Hot Wheels versions of real cars (except for the U.S.S. Enterprise and the Mach 5) and I only cheated on one car where the Vector W8 only came in red so I had one painted black. The problem with the pictures was always that it was difficult to make out the individual cars when taking the overall picture so I experimented with Microsoft Photosynth. It came out pretty good and you can zoom in on any part of the picture to make out the cars and see that there are lots of special ones in there. You need to have Silverlight installed and you can see the final product here: Photosynth . I didn’t realize that one of the 1/2 E30M3’s in the B fell off in my apartment before I brought the board outside to photograph so that is missing from these pictures. The further you are away from the project the more clear the BMW logo shows. Enjoy!

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