Love them, or despise them. The K car served it’s purpose for the Chrysler corporation through the entire 1980's. It was a cheap inexpensive econo box for the masses. And it brought Chrysler out of its deep grave that they dug Themselves into. Inevitably they dug themselves back into one years later. But that is a story for another time. The reason I have always been attracted to this box of 90 degree angles, is because a ton of them were made a few red lights down the street from me. From the 1940's to the mid 2000's, the Newark Delaware Chrysler plant was busy putting cars on the road for America, and putting food on the table for Delawareans. The plant was a big part of our culture. Really all Delaware is known for is, Dover International Speedway, tax free shopping, and The K car! Now the Newark plant wasn’t the only plant that produced K cars. But the Newark plant cranked so many of them out, chances are most of the ones you seen were from the Newark plant.

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Even my sister owened a Newark built K car. It was an ‘87 Plymouth Reliant wagon. And that’s how I got the Chrysler grill insert. So when I saw awhile ago that Motor Max was making die cast of the K car. I was one of the five people who got extremely stoked.

So the blue and silver cars are 1983 Plymouth Reliants. And the white one is a 1982 Dodge Aries. So they qualify just barely for the malaise era.


To me the K car is like that girl in highschool that you thought was really cute.......but your friends thought you needed some serious professional help. They’re not pretty sports cars. And they totally don’t have any kinda curb appeal what so ever. But I still really like them.


This was a product of my people. A poor product to most. But they are almost extinct. And one day nobody will ever remember their existence. Maybe that is for the best for most. But here in Newark Delaware, they helped provide roofs over family’s head’s and put food on the table. Including my family. A good bit of my family from my Mother’s side worked at Chrysler most of their lives. Even My grandfather helped manufacturer tanks in that plant for the war effort. The K car was the last successful selling car to be produced in the plant. It survived almost 20 years after the K car. But eventually things came to a halt in 2008.


These Casting’s are not the best quality. But they are the only K car Diecast you can buy. So you really can’t complain. I don’t expect Auto Art to crank out K car diecast. But if they did, they would have my money already.

The Castings have opening hoods and front doors. I just didn’t snap pictures of it because they aren’t detailed enough for someone to take interest.


I didn’t realize until I was taking pictures that the colors of the cars make up the 80's Chrysler color scheme.

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This photo is a harsh reminder of the American auto industry’s slow demise. After it was all said and done. This lot became a wellness center for the University of Delaware. And eventually nobody will remember what was there before. It’s really sad, but it’s a part of the life we live.

Thank you all for the read! And maybe next time you see a beat up K car parked in a parking lot. Instead of just seeing a collosal pile. Maybe it will give you a smile. That car helped provide for a lot of families in it community. Even though it is a collosal pile.... it has a story and a name like all of us. Have a good day everyone!