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Sup you guys! hope ya’ll are having an awesome day so far! So I got featured on last Sunday (Pretty wicked i know!). Alex Whalley, the creator of the website and master customizer featured my guide on how to build my cable tie suspension system (The one used on my custom F150 Raptor 6x6 whose video in action was uploaded on the LalD Instagram page)


My inbox on facebook and instagram inbox was literally flooded with messages asking about how to go about building my suspension system.So Alex here was kind enough to allocate my guide a spot in his Ultimate customizers bible and FAQs. I have listed out the basic requirements and how to go about building the same.

You guys can check out the guide here:


Thanks for looking cheers! and i hope this helps our customizers here on LalD build some awesome stuff! If you need any help please don’t hesitate to hit me up on my instagram page i.e. ktechcustomshop. Be Wicked! Build Wicked! ;)

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