Big things with little cars

My first custom: Porsche 356

I saw this beauty in target, and decided I wanted to customize it. Now this is my first customization, and I was to excited to go out and buy actual brushes and paints, so i had to make due with what I had.

I didn’t want to go full out, since it was my first, and I wanted it to come out nice. I originally wanted to X out the headlights, and put rally lights on from the ford escort, but I couldn’t get it to adhere properly, and it looked awful. Though, I did paint the lights, and painted the centers yellow.


I quickly found that all my brushes (which haven’t been properly used since elementary school) were in terrible shape. And I had access to a limited paint selection (so no silver).

However, this is the semi-final result. This is the best I can do at the moment.

All things considered, I think it came out extremely well for a first time, with bad brushes and limited paint selection.

I plan to revisit it soon, with fine brushes and more paint. First thing I want to do is revisit the trim, properly mask it off, and repaint it metallic silver.


I would also like to revisit the headlights and taillights. I painted the surrounding black, but I feel like it doesn’t show up well.

I also want the yellow to be more smooth...

I would like to also revisit the interior.


Its a nice dark brown, but I feel like it needs white accents in the creases, and the gauges are currently painted red, but could be properly repainted.

The only thing I feel really good about is the wheels, which I think turned out fantastic. Shame my phone camera can’t do it justice...


Next up, I would like to do the VW SP2 from the aircooled series. I think Im going to go much more crazy, going for a GTI theme.

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