I’ve purchased things off the Bay of e before, but never a diecast hawl...

Pretty happy with the lot. I’ve seen all of the movies, none of the tv shows, but the cars were too cool. I was perusing the pages over the holiday and found these with 0 bids. It paid off! Shipped for about the same as the Buy It Now price.

The reason I found them was the Back to the Future Ford Super De Luxe w/ *ahem* manure as seen on screen. Funny story, I had actually seen this model early last year, in Canada no less, and didn’t realize until I did my research that you can actually remove the fertilizer. If I really wanted to, I could even put it in my Delorean and travel to 1984 where it would fit the Karate Kid’s ‘48 Ford Super De Luxe.


The other one that got me is the Zoolander Bronco because my dog’s name is Zoolander! I had never seen the movie until we got him from the humane society. That gas station fight is timeless!

The Anchorman van has gotten bad reviews, but 60% of the time, it works every time ;)

Need for Speed... great (early) games, terrible movie. The mustang is one of my favorites of the lot because of the wheels and ridiculous proportions actually work on this car.


As for the tv cars, I have no real connection with any of the series but the cars are well done and unique.

The ‘65 Mustang has some thin white walls and an opening hood. I think it also might match a mainline that I have.

The Dino is an oddball from an even odder series as far as I can gather. But it’s a Ferrari and it’s red so people want to collect it.


The ‘57 Chevy Bel Air with red interior from Simon & Simon has huge white walls. This was my favorite one to look up because John Hamm and Adam Scott remade the opening credits perfectly and it is pretty amazing.

Not sure if I’m allowed to do this, but oh well...