My first iHWEP!!! With Jobjoris!!!___(pt.1)

Majorette! We don’t get these over here too easily.

This is my first international trade! I’m not much of a domestic trader either, but I have completed a handful. Jobjoris and I have been going back and forth about this trade for months and months. I asked him for a blue Renault Alpine A110 from Norev. If you are unfamiliar with me and what I collect, I basically stick to 1/64 (or 3" for those makers who deviate regularly).

The delays were all on my side. I was creating a custom 356 for him and I wanted it to be perfect. Besides which, there’s this thing called life that happens. Anyway, he was very patient and he used the time to collect some epic casts to trade with me. I didn’t just send him the one custom, but I’m sure he’ll be showing you some of what I sent.


I want to show you what he sent to me!

The Mustang seems a bit large, and the GT3 looks like it’s set up for rally! It’s super-cool though. Maybe I can lower it one day.

The GT3 is the standout of this group. It’s black on black with black inside. It’s so cool! It does have the graphics on the side. They’re gloss black on top of the matte black paint. Totally stealth. Now I just need to adjust that rally stance!

An AMG GT and an SLS! With working gullwing doors!!

These Mercedes are really cool. Both have working doors and good details. Not as nice as the Norev you’ll see below, but very cool!

He sent me a Kyosho!! Wow, what a surprise. I love Kyosho’s. It’s a Ferrari 512 BB LM disassembled! It will definitely get some interior detailing.
Norev!! Schuco!! Unmarked Norev’s from the Mercedes dealer!! Siku! And . . . a Minichamps!?!

There on top is that beautiful A110. But the rest of these are amazing too! I specifically told him I was very interested in the 2CV and the Defender, and I’m glad I did! These Schucos are stunning. Definitely Kyosho quality if not better. They’re my first Schucos and they make such a fantastic impression. White seemed a slightly odd choice for the Defender, but I changed my mind once I saw it on my diorama. You’ll see!


Ok, the Siku is a Wiesmann. It’s a really cool car that I’m only slightly familiar with from Forza. It feels large (I can’t remember if it has the scale on the bottom) and definitely on the toy-end of the spectrum. Unique, definitely! Also, my first Siku.

The dark red Mercedes under the A110 is an SLS. It’s from Norev and like the Majorette it also has functioning gullwing doors! I must say, these are much more refined than those on the Majorette. They should be, of course. It’s a gorgeous specimen and is exactly the same size as the SLS from my UCC Coffee set. I believe this is a Dealer-exclusive that would not be a regular part of the Norev line. I could of course be wrong about that though.


The little bright green sedan is a Simca Rally. One of those cars I know nothing about, so it’s something to research! Yay! This is a fun little cast with good details.

The dark green car in the corner is of course a Citroen DS. This one feels a little large too, but it might be accurate. It’s a larger car than many in this lineup in 1:1. I think I should lower this one too, as every one I’ve seen at shows has been riding low as the hydraulic system depressurizes. (thanks wikipedia!)


Above that is a truly stunning Alfa Romeo 8C from Minichamps. This is my first Minichamps and it’s a real treat. Logo’s on the wheels? Yes. Drilled brake rotors behind those finely-spoked wheels? Check. Gorgeous paint, lenses for lights, perfect proportions. It’s beautiful.

Then, right in the middle is the Mercedes-Benz W 196 R Stromlinie, also a dealer-exclusive from Norev. As some of you may remember, I have the Renntransporter which has been carrying my 300SL from UCC Coffee. Now it will have to split transport duties with the W 196! This guy is a bit difficult to aquire over here. It’s pricey on ebay and not too common, so it made for a fantastic surprise Jobjoris!


Soon I’ll put of posts with each of them let loose on my diorama!

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