First things first: congrats everyone for the results of the Car Week, we got richer with a lot of fantastic pictures. I’m always glad that share the same interest and hobby with a lot of gals/pals around the globe (!).

I wanted to post something to the Car Week, but I got late. The weather around here is pretty bad, and I couldn’t (didn’t want to, actually) go out to take photos with my latest cars. Maybe later...

But, last week, I’ve got a mail, with something in it, which I waited so long. My first Kyoshos arrived! And since I got them, every other diecast (especially hw and matchbox) seems like some modest cartoon thingy. I mean, I love matchbox and hot wheels, but the details of these cars... oh, the details... amazing. I show you some terrible pictures, which I made inside the house, without evaluable light conditions.



So, I’m amazed. This is why I bought some more, I hope it will arrive soon (but as I saw, the next batch comes to me at May :( )