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My first ORAT experience: Oh Drat!

ORAT, off road all things. This is my first time doing it. And this is what happens when you’re a complete amateur to off-roading.

More about the photo
I’ve never done an ORAT picture (or outdoor in general) before so I’ve always wanted to do one. What better time to try it out than to participate in one of Plasticprints’ contests? And boy do I still feel sore from all that squatting.


I dug in my garage hoping to find some beat up toy cars to use as props for what I originally intended for use with my Dodge Ram 1500 monster truck. That’s when I came across this military truck that seemed pretty neat.

The toy soldier with a walkie talkie came out of the same box of toys from the garage. It was a nice find since it happened to fit the theme because, well, the car got stuck and he needs some help.

The cactus in the background is an actual cactus. For whatever reason, it began sprouting out of nowhere from an old pot of bamboo that had to get thrown out in July. The cactus is alive and well. Luckily I was wearing gloves when my mind lapsed and I decided to reach out to grab the cactus before this photo. Here’s another photo of the baby cactus:


Seems like I’m the first to post for the week. Hoping to see more exciting/creative ORAT photos than this one!

More about the diecast
This is to appease the AlienProbe and other fans of quirky diecast among us. It’s a Majorette, possibly from before I was born. Made in France [I didn’t even know this phrase existed!] and simply identified as “Depaneusse” or French for “tow truck” on the bottom, although the logo on the grill tells me it’s a Chevy. I’m quite sure there’s an attachment missing from the back but the remaining knob is able to be twisted. It’s 1/62 scale and quite large. Really neat metal rear hitch in the back. As you can see in from the bottom, the axles run from front-to-back and give it a bit of a suspension. Enjoy the photos!


More old diecast finds to come

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