The wife and I took a trip across town to visit an antique shop that we check out every couple of months. On our past trips they have had very little diecast but this time things changed. A new vendor had just moved in and he had maybe 20 nice redlines. As I was drooling over the display case an employee walked by and asked if I’d like to see anything. If she hadn’t passed by at just the right moment we would have moved on but fate intervened. I pulled out a few cars just to have a look but I kept coming back to the 917. Something about that color just pulled me in. After admiring them for a few minutes we moved on to the last few booths. In the last booth was a 5 gallon bucket of tootsie toys with some MBX mixed in. As I was digging through like a kid in a candy store my wife said she was going back to look at some books. Little did I know she had other plans. I had finished looking and was walking towards the exit when I saw her at the register. I immediately knew what she had done. Thanks to her I can now say I have a redline in my collection.