Hi all, I've been reading LaLD for quite some time, and I decided that I should start contributing on this site. I've posted my first pictures a few weeks ago, and now I'm going to take another a big step which is to do my first actual post. I've commented on other peoples' post but that doesn't really count because there are no headlines for comments. So I was thinking what should I do for my first "official" post and I noticed trades happen frequently so I decided to kill two birds with one stone by doing my first post as well as my first trade on this site.

This is what I have for trade for now:

Wolfman VW T-1 Panel Bus

Maximum Leeway regular TH

'64 Lincoln Continental Convertible regular TH

2 '63 T-birds one from 2000 #130 and the other from 2003

Looking for: black or silver Matchbox Mercedes SLR Mclaren in package

More will come soon.